For Homeowners

For Homeowners

If you are a Triple Crown resident, you have access to HOA documents, meeting minutes, improvement applications, classifieds, and more. Just click the “Register” link under the resident login at the bottom. You will need your resident number to sign up (which can be found on your payment coupons). If you do not have this number, please contact Towne Properties for assistance.

Online Payment

Want to login and view your ledger, pay your dues by Credit Card (Visa or Master Card), or change your personal information? Click the “Pay Fees Online” link located below or click the “Pay Fees Online” tab under “Contact Us” on the menu. All you need is an e-mail address and your resident number (this can be found on your payment coupons).

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Homeowners can now advertise yard sales, lost/found pets, babysitting services, snow removal, grass cutting, etc., in this section. Please contact Towne Properties with any information you would like to add.


During the holiday season, there will be two PODs in the Derby Park parking lot.

The Board has approved these to be stored by UPS in order to expedite package delivery via golf carts during day light hours to the community.

Not only will this service cut down on large truck traffic, and allow for owners to receive packages sooner, but generates additional income to the community.

This is a new service offered only to premier communities this season.